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Based in Rwanda, an African nation whose resolve has enabled it to overcome its tragic past, Legacy of Excellence Academy (LEA) is an independent, tech-integrated, Christian school that delivers an accessible educational experience to local and international students in secondary grades 7-12. Founded in 2021, primarily in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a global phenomenon that greatly re-emphasized our society's need for technological agility, LEA stands on the belief that while principles should remain the same, methods can (and should) change, accordingly. While there is still value in traditional, in-person learning, it has become a way, no longer the way. Customized for the present time and for the future, LEA's intentional design seeks to eliminate money and distance as barriers that prevent children from receiving what should be a universal right: access to a multi-faceted, high-quality education. LEA's focus on holistic growth (i.e., mind, body, and spirit) correlates with its Christian ethos. Having this faith-based identity is not meant to be exclusionary - students and families from all belief systems are welcome and encouraged to join the LEA family. Instead, it serves the purpose of providing a framework for character development, as the Bible yields a compelling blueprint for how to live an ethical, morally-upstanding, and courageous life.

In sum, LEA's locale and unique set up make it a special place to learn - a place where the indomitable spirit of Africa meets the innovative spirit of the West!

LEA Letters


To prepare moral and social ambassadors who will emulate Christ within the communities they inhabit

LEA Letters


To provide a holistic education that nurtures the mind, the body, and the spirit

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