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Pain Preceding Progress

When I think of where and who I am today, one thought always seems to hit me like a ton of bricks: adversity has been a useful tool for me, along the way. This may seem strange for some and hard to grasp for others...but I've learned to embrace my many trials and tribulations, over the years; James 1:2-4 has become clearer to me with each "blow" I've been dealt. Why? Simply because each one has yielded a powerful lesson that's informed how I went on to approach the next. Like a broken bone...I've come back stronger. Like a calloused wound...I've become tougher. Overall, I've GROWN wiser and more appreciative of the PROCESS of being human. Sometimes I shudder when I think of where or who I would be today had I surrendered to the pain I felt in those dark times. For starters, I wouldn't be alive - that night that I had a knife in hand, while staring intently at the large vein under my left wrist would've likely been the premature end to my story.

If there's one thing that you take away from this testimony, let it be this: your very presence in this world is meant to add value to it. Please understand that you are built to withstand A LOT. For what you simply cannot carry, relinquish that load and just give it to God...His shoulders are broad enough.

Much love <3 #keepgoing

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