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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about enrolling at LEA. Hopefully our responses offer you full clarity. If not, feel free to contact us at and let us know how else we may help. Thank you for your interest in our school!

Q: "Why should I/we choose LEA?"
We hope that you choose us for several reasons. First and foremost, LEA is led by a group of individuals who have been entrenched in education for years and have devoted their lives to community service. With COVID-19 came disruptions to every facet of human life, including how school has been done. Nonetheless, LEA’s enduring design mitigates these challenges, as it not only prioritizes public safety, but still enables high-quality, engaging teaching and learning, as well. Furthermore, we do not believe that a singular educational model is objectively the best - each has its pros and its cons. Therefore, we remain in tune with the latest research and draw from the best of different educational models from around the globe to enrich the lives of our students. Lastly, although high operational costs are a reality for us, we are committed to keeping our tuition rates modest, so that our school may have a far reach by being accessible to many.
Q: "Does my family/child[ren] have to be Christian (or religious at all) to gain acceptance into LEA?"
No. If what you desire is a well-rounded education for your child[ren], then please, by all means, apply to LEA - you are truly welcome. We just ask that LEA students and families who do not subscribe to the Christian faith (or any faith at all) respect the elements of our school that pertain to its faith-based identity.
Q: "Does LEA offer financial aid?"
Yes. We have a needs-based financial aid structure for families who qualify. If you wish to be considered for financial aid, you may apply for it during the online application process. If approved, you will receive a financial aid award letter with your acceptance letter to LEA.
Q: "What steps occur after completing the online application?"
Once application documents have been reviewed, prospective students and their families may be invited to LEA’s administrative office for a family interview, a student-only interview, and entry testing. These steps will be conducted virtually for prospective students and families who are not in Rwanda. Final determination letters will be sent out after the Admissions Committee has had a chance to convene.
Q: "How late into the school year does LEA accept applications?"
We accept applications on a rolling basis, year-round. However, with respect to our school year typically ending in late May/early June, we stop accepting all students by January 31st. Applications received after that date will be considered for the following school year.
Q: "Why is it rare for LEA to accept students going into grades 10-12?"
This is 100% in protection of the students. For instance, should a student in those grade levels be admitted to LEA without an adequate amount of previous course credits or without an adequate course history that aligns with LEA’s course trajectories, that student will not be “on-track” to graduate with his/her peers. Accordingly, he/she may have to take and successfully pass multiple credit recovery courses in the summertime at the family’s expense (at best) or have to repeat a grade level (at worst). Either option could have a damaging impact on that student’s psyche and self-esteem.
Q: "Does LEA accept students who are still learning the English language?"
Yes, absolutely. Part of our program is designed to support English Language Learners (ELLs) in developing their command of the English language. If your child[ren] has been identified as an ELL in previous years, please indicate this status on the online application. It is likely that he/she will have to take an additional entry assessment to help us determine the appropriate level of support.
Q: "Does LEA accept students who are identified as having a learning disability(ies)?"
Yes, absolutely. Our teachers and paraprofessionals are well-equipped with scaffolding and differentiation strategies to support students who have been placed on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs; sometimes also referred to as Individualized Learning Plans or ILPs). If your child[ren] has been on an IEP in previous years, please indicate this status on the online application and upload the relevant documentation.
Q: "How does LEA support the human need for socialization and movement, as a partially virtual school?"
We seek to accomplish this in a few ways. To start, we have built a considerable amount of non-instructional hours into our weekly bell schedule. Students are encouraged to use this time for physical activity, away from their computer screens. Much of this time is also structured for community connections (both in small and large groups) and peer-to-peer initiatives. Lastly, our afternoon dismissal time and general de-emphasis on homework allow our students to physically participate in various after school clubs and activities, where they can compete against others, hone their skills, and discover their passions.

Q: "What happens if my child[ren] is placed on the waitlist?"

Nothing “happens” during the waitlist period, per se. It just means that while we believe your child[ren] is a great fit for our school (and vice versa), we are at-capacity and/or the enrollment period for that school year is closed. Should a spot in the desired grade(s) become available while our enrollment period is still open, we will contact you and provide you with the option to enroll. However, until then, you should perhaps plan for your child[ren] to continue at his/her current school.

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